Vacation Rental Home Cleaning

Vacation Rental Home Cleaning

Vacation Rental Cleaning Springfield IL

If you own one or several vacation rental homes near Springfield, IL, ensuring that your property is clean and put-together is essential to keep guests satisfied and returning. Maids “R” Us offers professional cleaning services for bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and general common areas to ensure that your guests have a pleasant and comfortable stay. After a guest’s stay, our trained cleaners will deep clean your property from top to bottom, dusting and vacuuming all surfaces, wiping down countertops and appliances, scrubbing toilets and sinks, and restocking essential supplies. We use eco-friendly cleaning products and techniques to ensure that your property is not only clean but also safe for your guests.

With Maids “R” Us, you can trust that your vacation rental property in Springfield, IL will be cleaned to the highest standards. Contact us today to schedule a cleaning service and leave the cleaning to the professionals.

Vacation Home Rental Options

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Owning vacation rental properties is a great investment opportunity. Unfortunately, you can’t be available after every guest checks out, leaving your space untidy and unready for your next booking. Maids “R” Us is here to offer routine vacation rental cleaning services to keep your space in perfect condition for every guest.

vacation home rental bathroom cleaning springfield illinois


If you’re responsible for maintaining a vacation home or rental property in Springfield, IL, keeping the bathrooms clean is an important part of the job. Not only do guests expect a high level of cleanliness, but a well-maintained bathroom also helps prevent the spread of germs and keeps everyone safe and healthy. Maids “R” Us is the #1 choice for vacation rentals due to our attention to detail which includes scrubbing the toilets and sinks, wiping down surfaces, cleaning the shower and bathtub, and restocking supplies such as toilet paper and hand soap. Our cleaning professionals are stocked with the right tools and have years of training to ensure that your guests have a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Here are just a few of the specialties that we offer for vacation rental bathrooms:

  • Clean Toilet Inside & Out
  • Sanitize & Polish Sinks
  • Clean All Areas of Shower & Door
  • Dust & Wipe ALL Reachable Surfaces
  • Wipe Mirrors & Glass Fixtures
  • Vacuum & Sweep
  • Wash Floors
  • Take Out Trash & Recyclables
  • Fill Soaps


Vacation homes and condos offer guests the comfort of being at home with several amenities that hotels cannot match. One of those features is having access to a full kitchen and dining area. It’s important to ensure your vacation rental kitchen is spotless for your guests to not only keep the image of your space but to prevent the spread of bacteria. When cleaning your kitchen, Maids “R” Us focuses on cleaning the countertops, sinks, and appliances thoroughly, including the oven, stove, and refrigerator. Along with this, all reachable surfaces, such as the cabinets, floors, door handles, etc., will be cleaned and sanitized to make your rental shine. For routine vacation rental cleaning services, contact our staff in Springfield, IL and receive the following for your kitchen space:

  • Wash & Polish Sinks
  • Wash Cabinet Faces & Appliances
  • Clean the Stove
  • Clean & Sanitize Countertops
  • Vacuum, Sweep, & Wash Floors
  • Dust & Wipe All Reachable Surfaces
  • Wipe Door Handles & Light Switches
  • Clean Front of Dishwasher
  • Take Out Trash & Recyclables
  • Put Dishes Away
  • Take Food Out of Refrigerator
  • Clean Inside of Refrigerator
  • Fill All Soaps
vacation home rental kitchen maid cleaning service springfield il

Bedrooms & Common Areas

If you’re looking for a professional and reliable cleaning service for your vacation rental property, Maids “R” Us is the top choice for Springfield, IL clients. We specialize in cleaning bedrooms, living rooms, dining areas, and other common spots in your rental to ensure a clean, comfortable, and relaxing stay for your guests. Our certified cleaners will dust and vacuum all surfaces, change bed linens, and clean mirrors and windows to create a welcoming and inviting space for your guests. We also pay attention to the small details that make a big difference, such as restocking supplies like towels and toiletries while ensuring everything is in place and ready for your guests’ arrival. With Maids “R” Us, you can trust that your vacation rental property is in good hands. Contact us today to request the following cleaning services:

  • Wash All Linens, Bedding, & Towels
  • Make All Beds
  • Dust & Wipe Reachable Surfaces
  • Check Under Furniture Cushions
  • Wipe Mirrors & Glass Fixtures
  • Vacuum, Sweep, & Wash Floors
  • Take Out Trash & Recyclables
  • Vacuum & Dust for Cobwebs
  • Vacuum Lampshades
  • Vacuum Top of Curtains/Drapes
  • Dust Curtain Rods & Blinds
  • Move All Furniture & Vacuum
  • Vacuum & Clean Fireplace Hearth
  • Dust Ceiling Fan Blades
  • Clean All Light Fixtures
  • Dust Louver Doors & Shutters
  • Clean All Wall Tiles
  • Wash Light Fixtures
  • Vacuum Curtains & Wall Hangings
  • Edge Carpet
  • Clean Vent Covers
  • Dust Shutters
  • Wash All Cabinets
  • Move & Clean Under Appliances
  • Clean Stove Burner Plates
  • Clean Door Tracks

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